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One of a Kind

Do you like one of the pieces in our portfolio but want to give it your personal touch? Have an idea for something completely new and different? Contact me and we can work together to see what is possible! Want barn wood added to your piece or custom upholstery to create rustic industrial furniture? I am happy to work with other local fabricators and creators to create the piece you envision.

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See something you like but want to give it your personal touch?

Specific Parts

Availability of parts is constantly changing, but if possible I will try to find a specific make or model to create your piece with if you request it. Pieces with easily sourced parts will have a turn around time of 1-2 weeks while more rare parts or custom pieces will take longer. If you have parts you would like me to use I am happy to build your piece from them.

Where are parts sourced? Can you use mine?

Most of our parts are sourced locally, however, if you would like to commission a piece made from a particular make or model I am happy to use your parts or to work with non-local suppliers.

How much does shipping cost? How far can you ship?

Shipping can be fairly expensive given the weight and size of some pieces.  Larger pieces also need to be crated for a fee that will depend on the items being shipped.  While I will ship to anywhere in the U.S., I am not yet set up to ship internationally. I will be working on that soon! The cost will depend on the location it is being shipped to, so please contact me for a quote!

Car parts sound dirty, how clean are your pieces?

All pieces that we re-purpose are thoroughly cleaned 3 separate times during the assembly and most pieces are sealed or painted so you never have to worry about rust or grease stains.

Some pieces look heavy, how hard are they to move?

Given the nature of the parts, the exact weight is hard to say.  Almost all of our pieces can be moved easily by two strong backs.  All lamps have removable shades and all tables have removable glass tops to ease moving them.

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